Disney (And Me) On TCM

Disney Special-TCMThis Sunday, I’m pleased to be part of a new series of Walt
Disney presentations on Turner Classic Movies. I’ll be joining Ben Mankiewicz
to introduce a full evening of Disney treats, including the classic Silly Symphonies short Santa’s Workshop (1932) and two other
wintry cartoons, the wonderful behind-the-scenes feature The Reluctant Dragon (1941) featuring Robert Benchley, my boyhood
favorite Davy Crockett, King of the Wild
(1955), the Oscar-winning True Life Adventure The Vanishing Prairie (1954), and another film I’ve always liked, Third Man on the Mountain (1959)
starring James MacArthur, Michael Rennie, Janet Munro, and Herbert Lom,
followed by Perilous Assignment, an
hour long behind-the-scenes show about the making of the movie on location in
Switzerland. Disney Imagineer Gary Landrum sits in with Ben to introduce the
first episode of Walt Disney’s long-running weekly TV series, The Disneyland Story (1954).

I’m happy to have worked with TCM to select a wide variety of
goodies from the Disney vault which will be parceled out in special evenings
like this every few months. The programming ties in with the network’s imminent
branding of “The Great Movie Ride” at Disney Hollywood Studios, part of Walt
Disney World in Florida. Robert Osborne will appear in a pre-ride video that
will be unveiled in the spring.

I hope you’ll tune in this Sunday, December 21, at 8:00 pm
Eastern Time when the fun begins. There will be more to come in the new year.

TCM Special-Disney from the Vault


  1. Steve says:

    I am nearly 70 and am, of course, a lifelong fan of Disney. Can’t tell you how elated I was to see these old programs will be again. Children nowdays should have this opportunity as we did. Look forward to watching these again. Thanks to Leonard and TCM.

  2. Monty Jacobson says:

    That’s great news Mr. Maltin. Please show un-edited versions of Saludos Amigos,Make Mine Music,and Melody Time. If you can also screen Song of the South , the original 1940 Swiss Family Robinson and The Light in the Forest it would be totally fantastic.

  3. Mickey says:

    Please, Please, Please…MORE! Loved every minute on TCM last night so many memories. I would love to see ‘The Disneyland Story’ and so many shorts kick off the evening of Disney Classics. Twitter: @Mickeyxtreme

  4. JLewis says:

    Yeah… those True Life Adventure DVDs issued years ago were very unique and very special products that they put out. I recall Wal-Mart and other places carrying them, but the average shopper simply bypassed them. Maybe they did well in sales but were in too limited a number. Yet I don’t recall any series getting such special treatment in its presentation, not even the previous Disney Treasure sets. In addition to all of the "extras" and (now deceased) Roy’s very personal introductions (since he got his start editing these in the early fifties), the discs themselves were encased in what resembled pre-1950s film canisters! You felt like you were spooling out an actual 35mm film "from the vault"… LOL!

    Again, this would be a great introductory set to sell at the TCM shop, like the UPA cartoons, although I realize it would be expensive and difficult to match the original set-up exactly. Yet they can "lift" the older DVD material and re-package in a way that is convenient. Likewise, the Disney Treasures could be reissued without the tins… and mine HAVE gotten rusty over time.

  5. Laura says:

    I hope that the future collaborations will include Dr. Syn Alias the Scarecrow since it went out-of-print almost immediately after it was released on DVD. I have seen some of the rarest films – like ALMOST ANGELS and ESCAPADE IN FLORENCE, but have never seen Dr. Syn. I agree that it would be wonderful if the True-Life Adventures could be re-released as well. It was wonderful to see THE VANISHING PRAIRIE.

  6. Chuck Erickson says:

    Why every few months and not once a week? The Disney channel, never plays the classics.

  7. Chris Jorgensen says:

    TCM you are awesome!! There have been Disney Anthology collectors that have been trying to get Disney to do this for years!! We still have a huge nostalgic audience of collectors who would die to see these old shows again! Thank you so much for caring! We will be watching!

  8. mike fontanelli says:

    Maybe Leonard Maltin can get them to broadcast the long-censored SONG OF THE SOUTH – as if I didn’t hope…

  9. Tom and Pat says:

    TCM is our favorite cable TV network, and to finally offer some of the wonderful animated classics to it’s viewers is wonderful. My wife and I love the old classics from the 40’s and 50’s such as Banbi, Snow White, Landy and the Tramp, Dumbo, etc. It will be a pleasure to view them commercial uninterupted. Thanks TCM!!!

  10. DBenson says:

    Lucky enough to have much (but not all) on DVDs, several are out-of-print. Will be watching for the intros and especially for "Perilous Assignment". The weekly anthology hours are the last major vein of long-unseen Disney, and I look forward to seeing those rarities in the mix. Bring on Ludwig Von Drake!

  11. John says:

    Just another reason why TCM is a national treasure! They could be content with just the Turner (MGM/WB?RKO) films they own but they license them from everybody else too. All with no commercials, in the correct aspect ratio if available and no continuous or animated logos that drive you nuts. FIlms that haven’t been seen publicly in decades and will never be on DVD or any other network. All the other more well known classics and just good movies too! I love TCM! May it never change!

  12. Norm says:

    If the lines are long enough at DisneyWorld, maybe they will show the original episode of "The Beverly Hillbillies" so we can relive that adventure too…Just another stroll down Memory lane…

  13. JLewis says:

    I am one of the lucky ones who got THE DISNEYLAND STORY on DVD (on the now out-of-print "Treasures" installment for Disneyland) and there are plenty of goodies in that ’54 black and white broadcast. It includes the funniest moments in SONG OF THE SOUTH (seeing ANYTHING from that locked-away feature on TV will definitely be a major event) as well as behind-the-scenes clips of "People & Places" travelogues in production (and that series is probably rotting away in a vault somewhere since they rarely got seen even in the 1980s). Just as TCM did a great job partnering with Sony to get the UPA "Jolly Frolics" out, there COULD be some sort of partnership to… first, reissue the "True Life Adventures" that Roy Disney Junior worked hard restoring and failed to hit it big with the Wal-Mart crowd… then dust off other stuff like the P&Ps. Reissuing the "treasures" with TCM (i.e. all of the cartoons put out) would be another wish-fulfillment. In any case, I did enjoy seeing the 1963 version of INCREDIBLE JOURNEY on DVD after so many decades, so there is… hope.

  14. Walt Mitchell says:

    WHOOPEE! I am especially looking forward to that premiere episode of DISNEYLAND! If I saw it in ’54, I don’t remember it, and I haven’t seen it since! This is a wonderful planned series collaboration, Leonard, and I am very glad that it’s happening! Congratulations!

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