Robert De Niro Can’t Save ‘The Intern’

Robert De Niro, Anne Hathaway-Intern-1The Intern is the kind of nice,
good-hearted movie you can safely take your mother to see. Normally I have no
problem with films like this, and I’ve enjoyed some of writer-director Nancy
Meyers’ earlier comedies (Something’s
Gotta Give, It’s Complicated
). This one is just too obvious and superficial
for my taste.

Robert De Niro
plays a well-heeled widower and former business executive who’s bored with life
since his wife passed away. That’s why he responds when a hip Internet retailer
in Brooklyn (where else?) sends out flyers seeking “senior interns.” He’s
diligent and reliable, but nearly meets his Waterloo when he’s chosen to work
as personal assistant to the company’s driven, tightly-focused founder (Anne
Hathaway), who doesn’t want to be helped. Needless to say, he soon proves his
worth to her in more ways than one.

Like all of
Meyers’ movies, The Intern is
populated with likable actors and exquisite-looking sets, but in terms of
content it’s strictly routine. Even the well-cast costars can’t do much with
this material, especially when it turns mushy near the end.   

If this serves
as comfort food for a sector of the moviegoing audience, so be it; I can’t help
wishing for something better. This isn’t even up to Meyers’ usual standard.



  1. Henry says:

    John, reading Maltin’s entire review, Juli is absolutely right, the review is very general, and Maltin goes into no specifics as to what’s actually wrong with the movie, he just throws around blanket statements about it being "superficial" and "routine." He never says how it’s superficial, how it’s routine. He does this way too often. He’s become a LAZY reviewer in his later years.

  2. Vincent says:

    I agree with Leonard. I liked Nancy Meyers’ works, like "What Women Want" and "Something’s Gotta Give"(those are really good), but this one is so disappointed.

  3. NM21 says:

    The Intern – Stores Nothing Great
    Movie Review – The Intern – Stores Nothing Great Nancy Meyers has an old hand in making upper middle-age rom-com but this time she casually breezed into seniorities with her latest make ‘The Intern’. It’s a collage of lighthearted merriment packed with mature actors. The movie is based on cross-generation rendezvous. The movie consists stars like Di Niro and Anne Hathaway, yet it retains the affable tone of Meyer with upper-middle ambiance dedicated the well spruce homes.

    The movie embarks with a promise. Ben Whittaker (Robert Di Niro) a 70-year-old widower, applies for a senior internship in an exuberant online fashion retail company held by a very assiduous micro-manger Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway).The movie has nothing new to showcase, it’s just like Meyers previous flicks but with a tint of cross-generation element. Both the actors did justice to the role but it’s the story which laids back the movie. Anne Hathaway is quite convincing and looks gorgeous as always. Audience from all genres won’t like the movie and if you have nothing to do this weekend then it’s a good option to go for.

  4. eud_you says:

    Anne Hathaway makes me want to vomit; worst actor ever.

  5. Karen Colizzi Noonan says:

    I still haven’t forgiven him for The Big Wedding….

  6. Jeffrey says:

    I love Robert De Niro as much as anyone but I wish he’d be a bit more selective in the films he’s in.

  7. John says:

    Juli if you actually READ Leonard’s entire review it’s quite clear why he didn’t like this film. So you have not seen the film but watched the trailers and it looks good to you eh? So that means Leonard must be wrong? Whatever floats your boat!

  8. Juli Riedl says:

    Wow, so it bored you? You don’t really say what’s wrong with this film, other than you found it "strictly routine". I watched the trailers and it looks good to me. What is it that was lacking for you?

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